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Version: 0.70



This documentation is still experimental and details are subject to changes as we iterate. Feel free to share your feedback on the discussion inside the working group for this page.

Moreover, it contains several manual steps. Please note that this won't be representative of the final developer experience once the New Architecture is stable. We're working on tools, templates and libraries to help you get started fast on the New Architecture, without having to go through the whole setup.

Starting from version 0.68, React Native provides the New Architecture, which offers developers new capabilities for building highly performant and responsive apps. Visit Why a New Architecture to learn more about what drove the decision to re-architect, and the benefits it provides.

In order to achieve these benefits, we had to rethink how Native Modules and Native Components work. This led us to develop the Pillars of the New Architecture:

Get started with the New Architecture​

For app developers​

To create a new app using the New Architecture, head over to Creating a New Architecture App, which will get you up and running in a few quick steps with the new app template.

To migrate an existing app to the New Architecture, follow Adopting the New Architecture.

For library maintainers​

First, read up on the core concepts outlined in the Pillars section.

Then, for a how-to guide on supporting the New Architecture, check out the Migration guide.

For information on supporting both the Old and New Architectures, see the Backwards Compatibility guide.